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 31 December 2003
"They used to be known as the boys on the bus: the big-name columnists, network TV producers and reporters for large-circulation newspapers who had the power to make or break a presidential candidate's reputation. Now they've got competition."
12:25:26 PM    

"One of the biggest difficulties in migrating from Windows to Linux is the lack of knowledge about comparable software. Newbies usually search for Linux analogs of Windows software, and advanced Linux-users cannot answer their questions since they often don't know too much about Windows :). This list of Linux equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software is based on our own experience and on the information obtained from the visitors of this page (thanks!)."
12:24:27 PM    

"In search of enlightenment and answers, information seekers the world over turned to Yahoo! Search in 2003. File-sharing program Kazaa beat out heavy hitters like Harry Potter and Britney Spears to take top overall honors. War in Iraq and rumors of cloned babies topped news searches, while American Idol and Survivor continued to outlast their reality TV competition. The year also saw its share of scandals, with Rush Limbaugh, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, and Paris Hilton in the spotlight. Here are some highlights from The Year in Search..."
12:21:16 PM    

Extreme overclocking
1:33:21 AM    

"A 21-year-old Nebraska exhibitionist who operates an X-rated web site stocked with photos of her posing naked was ticketed yesterday by Lincoln cops for violating the city's public nudity ordinance. The proof, as it were, was in Melissa Harrington's postings. Her web site includes photos of her topless--and almost bottomless--in a Lincoln bar called the Marz Intergalactic Shrimp and Martini Bar (according to Harrington's site, the offending photos were taken in late-November)."
12:56:56 AM    

 29 December 2003
"A Brooklyn cop is being investigated over Internet postings that brag about beating suspects, writing phony tickets and ignoring calls to his precinct."
1:23:35 AM    

 24 December 2003
"Technology analyst Bill Thompson wonders why he cannot stay away from Google, even though he has his doubts about it."
3:47:54 AM    

(Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
3:43:07 AM    

 23 December 2003
 08 November 2003
"The aim of the game is to help PC World and Packard Bell collect as many presents as you can."  Just don't buy such a fucking shite computer from such a horrible shop - ever!
6:51:01 PM    

Search using Google without opening your browser.
4:03:28 PM    

 02 November 2003
At last, now I know what the trackback link is for!
7:46:23 PM    

 01 November 2003
"Wall Street is not the only one wooing Google. Microsoft is as well."
11:22:41 PM    

How good is Google?
11:19:40 PM