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21 December 2003

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"Help for Parents and/or Loved Ones"
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At the eleventh hour, I acted as the sound and light engineer for our departmental Christmas Panto - Cinderella.  I almost got away with it - I got off to a nervous start and if only I knew how to use PowerPoint at the end...  But apart from that the panto was great.  Another great Panto@cs.ucl.ac.uk production.


KFC and the Marlborough Arms


Walked round the Computer Fair, which was geeky.

Burmese food at the Mandalay. Friendly waiter, tables too close together and the food made us ill.


Woke up, realised that I've not bought any Christmas cards, and that the final posting date was yesterday. Decided that this year would be the first exclusively e-Christmas. Then went out and bought some cards anyway...
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