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06 November 2003

SWF file.
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'The boy's response to the bus driver's request was that "penis" isn't a derogatory word, but is in fact, a scientific term.'
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Public Nudity in the Public Interest
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"Biologists have linked a mysterious, underwater farting sound to bubbles coming out of a herring's anus. No fish had been known to emit sound from its anus nor to be capable of producing such a high-pitched noise."
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An Israeli lawyer filed a petition to a court demanding his wife commit herself in writing to having sex with him "every morning and every night".  Oddly enough, the court ruled the petition was not receivable.
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'A study has shown that domestic cats infected with a parasite called toxoplasma gondii can actually alter the personalities of their human owners, turning women into "sex kittens" and men into "alley cats."'
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"Scientists have proved that even the most seemingly innocent chat with a woman can be enough to send male sex hormones soaring."
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"Middle-aged men now have a good excuse to go to the pub with their mates - it is good for their brains."

<Airplane!>"Guess I picked the wrong year to give up drinking!"</Airplane!>

Thanks to Ian F for the link; and to Dr. Singh-Manoux, a research psychologist in the Department of Epidemiology & Public Health at UCL for leading the research. ;-)

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Today, I am 35; midway between one's twenties and one's forties, thirty-five is a transitional age between childhood and adulthood.
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