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27 October 2003

"Disclaimer: This information is presented for your information only. Anyone who tries to duplicate these demonstrations does so entirely at their own risk. There is a chance that you will damage your microwave oven. There is a chance that you will cause a fire. There is a chance that a heated object will explode. Heated water can unexpectedly burst into violent boiling. Messing with a microwave oven is stupid if you don't know what you're doing."

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'"He was pounding it," she said.'
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"Of the estimated 12,200 child alcoholics in Russia, 25 can be housed in this treatment centre on Leninskii Prospekt in Moscow."
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"What is KwMap ?
KwMap.com is a complex keyword refining tool, aiming to help you discover new keywords. It is a fact that search engines can only help you in finding something if you know the right keywords.

KwMap.com runs on a multi-gigabyte database of keyword inter-relations. You can search all common concepts and you will be presented with related keywords (eg. 'car' -> 'wind shiled', 'formula 1', 'bmw') and keyword variations (eg. 'car' -> 'car parts', 'car insurance', 'rent a car'). We also run pertinent links associated to most of the keywords."

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"This $300 device changes red traffic lights to green. Police are worried about chaos at intersections."
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"misbehaving.net is a weblog about women and technology. It's a celebration of women's contributions to computing; a place to spotlight women's contributions as well point out new opportunities and challenges for women in the computing field."
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"Amazon's New Database Likely to Help Sales of Some Works, May Undermine Others"
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Wasn't me!
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I've been teetotal for six months today!

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"A Texas company claims to have invented a kind of Orgasmatron for women -- an electrical stimulation device that takes women to a pre-orgasmic state."
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'Amazon's new "Search Inside the Book" feature allows customers to search the full text of more than 120,000 books.'
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Apologies, Web Frog went down on me.
An amphibian blow frog? ;-O

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