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17 September 2003

Censored 2004: The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2002-2003
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Prank phone call to the Recording Industry Association of America.
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"Professor Chris Idzikowski...identified six common sleep positions and what they mean."

No, not the Kama Sutra!
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I got 6 right!

Thanks Nancy.
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(Not office safe.) Context
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I'm a PhD student and I pay full-time fees out of my own pocket. In return for this, one gets a supervisor and a desk. At least, one should. I've (briefly) lost my desk and (twice) lost a supervisor. Careless? Perhaps. To my knowledge, I still have no supervisor.

Yesterday, I was expected to attend my MPhil/PhD Transfer Viva. Everyone was there. Except me. No one thought to tell me.

At what point does this descend from farce into tragedy?

On a brighter note, I received a wonderful quote, "you wouldn't pass a first year viva, never mind the transfer".
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There were 5 searches for the week ending 09/13/03 for Web Frog at http://www.web-frog.com/.

Here are the top phrases searched:

  - 2 for "ping pong"
  - 1 for "baboon"
  - 1 for "brazil"
  - 1 for "movie"

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"From fart sniffer to postdoc, the most torturous ways to make a living in science."
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Nobel Economics prizewinner Milton Friedman champions right-wing economics with liberal positions on most social issues; which makes him one of those rare individuals in the bottom right-hand corner of The Political Compass.
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...US style.
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Includes an interview with the First Couple.

If anyone else had an ending to September 11, 2001, as comedic as George W. Bush's evidently was, please feel free to share it here. We can't let the President have all the fun.
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