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26 August 2003

Romans wore socks with sandals!

Thanks to (and demonstrated by) Gordon.
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Enjoyed the Notting Hill Carnival - awesome fun. Great atmosphere, great sounds and...nice mermaid. :-)

One issue: whistles - what, exactly, do they add?
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On Sunday, picked up a Malaysian friend from Heathrow, helplessly drove around Notting Hill during the carnival unable to reach our intended destination, so came back to Bloomsbury. I'm sure that she appreciated a 12-hour flight followed by a pointless 12-hour car journey around Notting Hill...
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On Saturday, we went to Boris and Sarah's wedding at Harrowden Hall near Wellingborough. They've been together for sixteen years, but then it's best not to rush into these things, eh? ;-)

"We're both divorced, but we wish you well." (Me, to the bride)

"I've not seen you eat any food, how do we know that you're not trying to poison us?" (Me)
"Well, we do weddings every weekend." (Catering staff)
"You'd better hope for a few divorces then." (Me)

"Congratulations on the first ever human-baboon wedding!" (my comment in their guest book)
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