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23 August 2003

Tonight, we were mostly drinking in Bloomsbury and King's Cross. I try to feel pissed, which is nice. We chat with a strange architecture student, which was strange. Nothing else happened, at all.
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Persuade your girlfriend to strip with this fake Cosmo article, if you must.
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Microsoft Is Using Linux To Protect Its Own Web Site
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A high flying A-level student says he is being rejected by universities because he is just 13. And a precocious twat.
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"...America has taken a country that was not a terrorist threat and turned it into one."
How America Created a Terrorist Haven
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A New Mexico man was charged with beating a woman to death with a lead pipe because he did not want to share his Budweiser beer with her
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A teenager accused of deliberately running over a jogger so he could have sex with the corpse will be tried as an adult
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