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20 August 2003

This morning, I received a formal warning from "The List Committee" of a professional mailing list for responding to a sexist humorous message. My crime? I simply replied with "LOL". Don't laugh.
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Death of a blog. Shame. But perhaps when all the interesting blogs are gone, someone might actually read this, eh? Then again...
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Could you work in a shop?
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Wedding night jail bird
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Two fat bastards
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Car scrota You know you need one.
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SWAT hand signals
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Offenders who use the Internet to harass or menace people will face a two-year jail term under a new federal government e-crime crackdown. Oh fuck off cunt - I'll stalk you!
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Man accused of molesting family's dog. And why not?
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Apparently, I'm a Scorpio. This Scorpio hates astrology and this Scorpio hates The Sun, although I'll concede that it's not inconceivable that a "Scorpio likes Page 3 girls".
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Budget crunch puts Sweden's military on a 9-to-5 schedule for the rest of the year. Pretend bullets, too.
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Brum Flash Mob
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Your Microsoft Word document can give readers more information about you than you might think. Ask Alastair Campbell!
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Doctor slang is a dying art Shame.

My very own UBI (Unexplained Beer Injury)
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The Bush team has now created the very monster that it conjured up to alarm Americans into backing a war on Iraq.

Analysts: Iraq a 'magnet' for al Qaeda
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Neil Armstrong - the truth!
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Who's watching the class? Webcams in schools raise privacy issue "You think you've got all the spots pretty well taken care of, but there's always a blind spot somewhere." The showers, per chance?
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Funny Pictures
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http://www.web-frog.com/ is 15% evil, 85% good, according to the Gematriculator.
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Want blog visitor notification via AIM? You need Instant Gratification.
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Am I Governor or Not?
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Do you write like a girl? The Gender Genie
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Yahoo! News "Science Photo" of a grounded yacht Oh, and some tits...
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US admits cameraman was shot dead at close range
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Ireland tightens drinking laws, bans "happy hour"

Major shake-up for drinking laws in Scotland

I've waited all my life for 24-hour licensing...too fucking late now!
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Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility For Power Blackout In U.S.!
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Texting blamed for summer movie flops

I wish someone had texted me about Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle...
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Design your own hell!
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Zombie Infection Simulation
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