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16 August 2003

Russian Colleague Doubts Kelly Committed Suicide
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CIA and DOD Attempted To Plant WMD In Iraq
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After 67-year-old Hurshell Ralls went into surgery for bladder cancer, he came out of surgery missing more than he ever expected. His penis and testicles were gone.
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Commercial blogs?!
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Statistically optimal music
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Google's Calculator
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Whale flatulence stuns scientists
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Americans are three times as likely to believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus (83 percent) as in evolution (28 percent). Jesus Christ!
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DHTML Lemmings!
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Power outage traced to dim bulb in White House

If Bush really wants to investigate the cause of the largest blackout in American history, he should start with the vice-president, Tom DeLay and himself

Speaking of blackouts, remember Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia.

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Blackout woes? Take some tips from the experts.
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Flash mobbing, but with a point - Flash mugging.
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Italians keep face by faking holidays

Link thanks to Miles; supporting evidence from Michael, who claims to be on holiday...

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Dog passes owner's alcohol test

Thanks to Alex.

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"There are two things that Raechel Arnold, 16, wants more than anything else: to be a normal weight and to pitch on a college softball team.

But at 323 pounds, Raechel had to face reality: Both dreams seem hopelessly out of reach." (And so is the possibility of a boyfriend...)

323 pounds of flesh at the age of 16

Lose some fucking weight!

Thanks to Alex.

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Last night, we ended up in the discrete yet infamous:

Troy Club
22 Hanway Street


Seedy looking location, strange venue and the weirdest people makes for a great atmosphere. We like it.

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