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12 August 2003

"Breasts are public organs and the penis isn't - it's a private organ"
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Bullshit about the moon
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Rugby match won with tackle exposed
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Both men and women like it long and brown on women.
Women like is short or very short on men.

Sexist hair study

See Nancy, gentlemen don't prefer blondes.

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To the guy defecating on my front lawn
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An overzealous security guard ordered a man to remove his pants.
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Why amputee fetishism stumps the medical establishment.

Man loses leg in river

Are you pulling my leg?

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Man wears Speedos!. No one would wear Speedos now, would they Bruce? ;-)
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What makes a liberal?
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Man charged for having simulated sex with a traffic cone.

Previous convictions include simulating sex with a training shoe in a public place.

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Recent research suggests that the Incas may have written in binary - the world's first geeks?

String, and Knot, Theory of Inca Writing

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In September, KB Toys will begin selling an action figure depicting President Bush when he landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln.

Bush, the dummy.

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The end of the blog?
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Iraq: Depiction of Threat Outgrew Supporting Evidence
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Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?
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If you're a maths like me, not an English like Vanessa, then you may appreciate The BBC News StyleGuide.

The new edition of The Chicago Manual of Style wrestles with grammar.

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Want to save time and paper? Now, you can read this blog whilst sitting on the toilet and then use it to wipe.
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For the first time since recods began, Sunday produced over a ton of hotness!
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Whatever happened on 10 and 11 August? Absolutely nothing? Or was I so busy doing something interesting in the real world that I didnít have time to blog? Most unlikely. Was I so busy having fun on the 10th that I was too exhausted to blog on the 11th? Even more ridiculous. Is the same day suspiciously missing from someone elseís blog? How much Shannon information is contained in a missing day? In short, do I have a life? Oh do fuck off!

Iíve decided to steal a day from someone elseís life, and not return it. I shall treat it as my own.

11 August 2003 now belongs to me, not Vanessa.

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Last night, I was mostly drinking in the Perseverance. Which was nice (barmaids).
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Beauty - airbrush deep. Greg's Digital Archive
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Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You? Someone with too much time on their hands, perhaps? I'm John Sheridan, apparently.
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US admits it used napalm bombs in Iraq. More lies...
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Flash Mobbing
Some nice quotes:

"How pointless? Very. Get a job you stupid losers."
"Flash mobs - what a sad bunch of wankers."

Of course I was there (blue jeans, white shirt)...

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Subject: FINAl OILtimatum

At 01:21 18/03/2003 +0000, Martin Sewell wrote:

BPrepared, as no AMOCOble solution is reached, we SHELL not EXXONerate Saddam and thus MOBILize CHEVRON-wearing troops as a corTEX ACOuntable and TOTALly sELFless act.

'Shell along with Chevron, BP and seven other oil giants, have won contracts to buy Iraq's new oil production of Basra Light crude. The contracts cover production from the Mina Al-Bakr port in southern Iraq from August to December of this year. Under the deal, Iraq will supply 645,000 barrels per day (bpd) for export, an increase on the 450,000 bpd produced in July but still just a third of pre-war levels.

BP and Shell will each send one very large tanker every month to Iraq to pick up their two million barrels. Among the other companies that have signed deals to buy the oil are ConocoPhillips, Valero Energy and Marathon Oil, Total of France, Sinochem of China and a company from the Mitsubishi group, which is buying for Japanese refineries.'

'"Effectively Bush has unilaterally declared Iraqi oil to be the unassailable province of US oil corporations," Vallette added.'


PING: Doubters

Fucking told you so! ;-P

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