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07 August 2003

This evening, I attended the first ever London Flash Mob. Which was nice.
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Scientists believe the shape of the penis may have evolved to help men remove the semen of love rivals during sex. What's the tongue for then?
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Good paint jobs. Thanks Bill.
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Who would buy penis-enlargement pills from a spammer? A list of (presumably) frustrated wives was temporarily exposed.
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Men chose sleep over sex

"More than half said they were simply too tired for a social life, or to have sex when they got home after a busy day."

Bullshit! They've been too busy exercising the health benefits outlined here.

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Public Aghast as Kittens Fed Alive to Snakes!

"Some people get a kick out of seeing a kitten being eaten alive by a snake," biologist Kees Ekeli, director of the Bergen Aquarium in western Norway, told Reuters. "It's cheap and it's a good size for a medium-sized snake."

"We advise snake owners to train their pets to eat dead mice or rats," he said -- typically by heating up the rat or the mouse in a microwave and shaking it to make it look alive.

Snakes Alive!

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Paul Alexander's 15 minutes of fame on The Jerry Springer Show have turned into a year in prison.

After receiving a tip, Cape May County prosecutors watched as Alexander and his 22-year-old girlfriend spoke of their 7-year-old child.

Authorities did the math (sic) and determined that the couple's sexual relationship began when the woman was 13.

Full story

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No Big Brother Thanks, We're Malawian "People are subjected to horrible pictures which are corrupting the morals of our children," Nothale said.
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A study into brown nosing shows that Conservatives are the new Stalinists.
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"Husbands should not be allowed to freely use SMS (text messaging) and other easy methods such as e-mails, voicemail or even facsimile to begin divorce proceedings," Abdul Hamid told The Associated Press. "We must put a stop to it as it is morally wrong and unacceptable to society." Malaysia to change divorce-via-cell phone law. Does that include accidently messaging the wife?
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1. A speleologist. rare.

2. One of a despised social group; a lout, a boor, a hooligan, an obnoxious person.

3. (See quot. 1958.) N.Z.

4. A teenager who camps out or lives in caves. temporary.

5. A person who trolls blogs, i.e. a cunt.

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Earlier this year, I officially became the best troll in London.

Web logs were made for trolling, by their self-important owners.

Are you aware of any deserved victims?

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Tonight, I've been mostly drinking in the Lord John Russell. Which was nice.
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Thanks to Vanessa for pointing out Yidaho's blog. Refreshingly honest. :-)
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