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09 July 2003

Fuck. Yet another fucking blog. "Student blogs are generally used for sharing film and music recommendations, exam worries, general insecurities and of course terminal angst. Keyword: banal. [...] there are countless dullards spewing forth tedious drivel", writes Kyle MacRae. That funny story you were forwarded last week? Read it here last.

Although copying others can be beneficial. For example, waitresses who copy their customers' behaviour get substantially bigger tips than those who don't, according to nature.com.

In the interests of charity and research, I set out to test whether one could reap the profits from this strategy given the sternest of tests. I sent my daughter out to wait on the homeless and live like a street urchin. She served spaghetti and a heart attack breakfast from hell. As a father and daughter team we took everything they had.

Having unearthed Vacuum Cleaners Of Mass Destruction and cancelled democratic elections, US troops are getting bored. The daily instances of female troops being sent home from Iraq due to pregnancy makes one wonder whether the Nevada brothel's offer to troops returning from the US-Iraq war of free sex is entirely necessary.

Penis envy - the Green-(One) Eyed Monster?

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