June 28, 2005

'I will refuse to register for an ID card and will donate 10 to a legal defence fund' - PledgeBank - Tell the world "I'll do it, but only if you'll help"

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June 25, 2005

A Saigon intersection

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June 23, 2005

Scorned wife sells Lotus for 50p

"A Birmingham radio DJ discovered hell hath no fury like a woman scorned after his wife sold his 25,000 luxury sports car on the internet for 50p."
BBC News
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Google Books project hits new obstacle

"A simmering row between search engine Google, various universities and some of the world's biggest book publishers is threatening to blow up. The row follows the publication of the contract between Google and the University of Michigan that will allow the search engine to make digital copies and distribute the contents of the University library."
PC Pro
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LA Times pulls wikitorial experiment

"It sounded like a great idea. Why not let the readers write the newspaper? However, when the Los Angeles Times punted out the idea of 'wikitorial', the results were not quite what it hoped for."
PC Pro
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June 21, 2005

Scan spots women faking orgasms

"When they gave the couples socks to wear, about 80% of the couples were able to achieve orgasm compared with 50% previously in this staged environment."
BBC News
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PGP use ruled relevant in child abuse case

'The case, although never put before a jury, could establish the precendent that the use of an encryption programme might be admitted as evidence of criminal intent, as least in Minnesota. The attitude seems to be "if you have nothing to hide why do you need secrecy tools".'
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June 20, 2005

The new science of race

"Henry Harpending is about to titillate the world's conspiracy theorists with one of the most politically incorrect academic papers of the new millennium.
Why, he and his colleagues at the University of Utah asked, have Jews of European descent won 27 per cent of the Nobel Prizes given to Americans in the past century, while making up only 3 per cent of the population? Why do they produce more than half the world's chess champions? And why do they have an average IQ higher than any other ethnic group for which there's reliable data, and nearly six times as many people scoring above 140 compared with Europeans?"
Sympatico.ca - News
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June 16, 2005

Measuring Gender

"Over the past several years, various operational definitions of gender have been used in studies of gender conformity in homosexual males. The goal of these studies is to demonstrate that childhood gender nonconformity (CGN) is either the proximate cause of adult homosexuality or an intermediate step in a biologically mediated process. The hypothesis of a causal connection between the development of gender and sexual orientation is embedded within the context of a biological (evolutionary) understanding of human behavior. Thus, testing the hypothesis of a causal connection between CGN and sexuality requires a concept of gender that is compatible with the basic principles of biological causation and our current understanding of evolutionary processes. I will argue that the concepts of gender used in the attempt to demonstrate a causal connection between CGN and sexual orientation are inappropriate because they provide no uniform, consistent method for identifying and measuring the biologically significant components of gender. I will also argue that the concept of gender that does emerge from these studies suggests an hypothesis about the connection between sexuality and gender that is not consistent with the cross-gendered theory of the etiology of homosexuality."
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`Sorry' works, if we're brave enough to say it

'"When you apologize, you essentially humble yourself before another," Banja said. "And it makes bio-evolutionary sense that the more sympathetic a creature feels toward others, the less it's able to survive itself. A species that doesn't have pride, that doesn't have as a defense mechanism confidence in its superiority, isn't well equipped to survive."'
Chicago Tribune
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Why do we Think Racially? A Critical Journey in Culture and Evolution

"Many contemporary theories of racial categorization are encompassed by two research traditions social constructionism and the cognitive cum evolutionary approach. Although both literatures have plausibly some empirical evidence and some theoretical insights to contribute to a full understanding of racial categorization, there has been little contact between their proponents. In order to foster such contacts, we review critically both traditions, focusing particularly on the recent evolutionary/cognitive explanations of racial categorization. On the basis of this critical survey, we put forward a list of eleven requirements that a satisfactory theory of racial categorization should satisfy. We conclude that despite some decisive progresses, we are still far from having in hand a complete, satisfactory theory of why humans classify people on the basis of skin color, body appearance or hair style."
Jean Nicod Online Papers
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June 12, 2005

Doctors seek kitchen knife ban

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Women should embrace the blogosphere

by Lorie Byrd
"No discussion of women bloggers would be complete without some gross generalizations and politically incorrect observations -- both of which I plan to include here."
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June 10, 2005

Rings of bone grown for couples

"Couples who want to share more than vows are getting the opportunity to share their bone too in a "bio jewellery" research project."
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June 9, 2005

How the fittest literature survives

"We should be grateful, I guess, that the authors of "Madame Bovary's Ovaries" decided against "Orestes' Testes," though it would have sufficed. In this unusual, stimulating work, the Barashes view standard literary works through the lens of evolutionary biology. The father-and-daughter pair argue that our most enduring stories are those that feature characters who behave in a Darwinian manner."
The Plain Dealer
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June 8, 2005

Female orgasm is 'down to genes'

"The reason why some women have problems reaching orgasm might be down to their genes, say UK scientists."
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June 6, 2005

World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR)

"On June 11th, 2005 over 50 cities across the world will experience the naked joy of the worlds largest naked protest against oil dependency and car culture in the history of humanity. It is time to stop indecent exposure to automobile emissions and to celebrate the power and individuality of our bodies! Naked Bicycle People Power!"

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Poultry Internet

"A live pet kept in a backyard (Backyard System) feels a whole body fondling by its owner who is located remotely (Office System)."
mixed reality lab singapore
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June 3, 2005

Men in Coats

Great visual comedy
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In 1981

Prince Charles got married
There was a new Doctor Who
Coronation Street's Ken & Deirdre got married
Liverpool won 17 league games and finished fifth
Norwich and Crystal Palace were relegated
Liverpool won the European Cup
West Ham won promotion

In 2005

Prince Charles got married
There was a new Doctor Who
Coronation Street's Ken & Deirdre got married
Liverpool won 17 league games and finished fifth
Norwich and Crystal Palace were relegated
Liverpool won the European Cup
West Ham win promotion

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June 2, 2005

Google Code: Summer of Code

"The Summer of Code is Google's program designed to introduce students to the world of Open Source Software Development.
This Summer, don't let your programming skills lie fallow...Use them for the greater good of Open Source Software and computer science! Google will provide a $4500 award to each student who successfully completes an open source project by the end of the Summer. (payment details can be found in FAQ)
By pairing applicants up with the proven wisdom and experience of established prominent open source organizations (listed below), we hope to make great software happen. If you can't come up with a great idea to submit, a number of our organizations have made idea lists available."
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A Gamers' Manifesto

"20 things gamers want from the seventh generation of game consoles"
Pointless Waste of Time.com
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Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries

"HUMAN EVENTS asked a panel of 15 conservative scholars and public policy leaders to help us compile a list of the Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Each panelist nominated a number of titles and then voted on a ballot including all books nominated. A title received a score of 10 points for being listed No. 1 by one of our panelists, 9 points for being listed No. 2, etc. Appropriately, The Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, earned the highest aggregate score and the No. 1 listing."
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The science of free will

"Research in different branches of science contributes to the ongoing dialogue of free will."
Science & Theology News
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Human Affection Altered Evolution of Flowers

"Flowers make people happy. And while that might seem obvious, there hasn't been much research to prove the point until now."
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Darwinism, left and right

"Darwin has been much in the news lately, both directly and indirectly. Darwinism is, yet again, under attack from creationists via the allegedly new theory of "intelligent design." Meanwhile the travails of Harvard president Lawrence Summers indicate a reluctance to accept, or perhaps even countenance, that humans are evolved creatures with mental limitations, particularly if those limitations tend to be gender-specific. Mr. Summers, for those fresh in from Mars (or Venus), was recently rash enough to posit essentially evolutionary reasons for the scarcity of women at the highest levels of mathematics and the sciences."
National Post
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An Environmental Approach to Positive Emotion: Flowers

"For more than 5000 years, people have cultivated flowers although there is no known reward for this costly behavior. In three different studies we show that flowers are a powerful positive emotion "inducer". In Study 1, flowers, upon presentation to women, always elicited the Duchenne or true smile. Women who received flowers reported more positive moods 3 days later. In Study 2, a flower given to men or women in an elevator elicited more positive social behavior than other stimuli. In Study 3, flowers presented to elderly participants (55+ age) elicited positive mood reports and improved episodic memory. Flowers have immediate and long-term effects on emotional reactions, mood, social behaviors and even memory for both males and females. There is little existing theory in any discipline that explains these findings. We suggest that cultivated flowers are rewarding because they have evolved to rapidly induce positive emotion in humans, just as other plants have evolved to induce varying behavioral responses in a wide variety of species leading to the dispersal or propagation of the plants."
The Human Nature Review
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Class Mobility: Is the American Dream a Myth?

"A New York Times poll found 80 percent of Americans still believe it's possible to pull yourself up by the proverbial bootstraps. But a recent mobility study suggests the American Dream may be more style than substance. According to the study, the lower classes of Canada, Britain, Germany and France have an easier time moving their way up the social ladder than their American counterparts. News & Notes conducts a poll of its own. For generations of African Americans, race has played a key role in determining class. But does it still? To help answer that question and take a closer look at class mobility in America's communities of color, host Ed Gordon is joined by Elizabeth Cole, a psychologist and associate professor in the Women's Studies Program and the Center for Afro-American and African Studies at the University of Michigan, and Jennifer Hamer, associate professor of sociology in the African American Studies and Research Program at the University of Illinois."
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Men better at chess

"In a novel approach to testing gender differences in achievement, an Australian researcher has compared the past three decades of male and female international chess results to see if gender differences have diminished with changes in society."
News in Science
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German police baffeled by Bush poo-flags

'Police in Germany are hunting pranksters who have been sticking miniature flag portraits of US President George W. Bush into piles of dog poo in public parks. Josef Oettl, parks administrator for Bayreuth, said: "This has been going on for about a year now, and there must be 2,000 to 3,000 piles of excrement that have been claimed during that time."'
SF Bay Area Indymedia
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