October 19, 2007

James Watson condemned and suspended

The Federation of American Scientists condemns the comments of Dr. James Watson

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory suspend Watson

This is outrageous. We have been aware of the direction and magnitude of black/white differences in intelligence since Galton (1869), they are not even controversial. The sub-Saharan African IQ of 67 puts it 2.2 standard deviations below Europeans, whilst the genotypic African IQ of 80 is 1.3 standard deviations below Europeans. These results are not surprising: Europeans first set foot on the moon nearly 40 years ago, whilst Africans never even invented the wheel.

This has nothing to do with one race being superior to another: intelligence isn't everything. Different races excel at different things: West Africans make the best sprinters, Kenyans the best distance runners, Europeans the best swimmers, whilst Africans are the most fertile and East Asians have the highest IQ. Evolution doesn't do equality, but it doesn't do hierarchy either: you can have a big brain or a big penis, but you can't have both. Posted by Martin Sewell at October 19, 2007 12:07 PM