December 26, 2005

Boxing Day Gold

sandar1gus: hello
martinsewell1: Hello sandar1gus, what did Santa bring?
sandar1gus: how are you 
sandar1gus: and who are you ?
martinsewell1: I'm Santa's Little Helper and I've been working for Santa all of Christmas Day, I've just come off my shift.  And you?
sandar1gus: Ok 
sandar1gus: my name is Sandar from Congo but now am in Ghana because of the war in my country  
martinsewell1: Today is Boxing Day.  Boxing Day is a public holiday observed in many Commonwealth countries on 26 December. In many European countries it is also a holiday, called St Stephen's Day or the Second Day of Christmas.  Would you like a box?
sandar1gus: what box ?
martinsewell1: A box containing US $10 million.
sandar1gus: really
sandar1gus: brb
martinsewell1: Unfortunately, the notes are all black and they have been coated with a special substance in order to smuggle them. Would you like to purchase a very special cleaning solution at a cost of US$100,000 to return the notes to their original status?
sandar1gus: ok
martinsewell1: Good, can you post the money in a brown paper bag?
sandar1gus: i was some one that i will do a gold business with 
martinsewell1: Gold? Are you buying or selling?
sandar1gus: selling?
sandar1gus: i want to sell it
sandar1gus: where do u live
martinsewell1: I live in Nigeria, how much do you have?
sandar1gus: i want some gold to buy 
sandar1gus: my friend want too 
sandar1gus: so do you have anybody who has some
sandar1gus: so that you can tell me the price
martinsewell1: USD 16,000 per kilo?
sandar1gus: ok do you have the pics of the gold
sandar1gus: i want you to email my friend with the info on the business ok 
sandar1gus: ok
sandar1gus: can you mail me friend with the information
martinsewell1: Is your friend a reputable businessman?
sandar1gus: yes he buys gold 
sandar1gus: and sell them
martinsewell1: Okay, I'll fly over and meet you.
sandar1gus: do you have all the document
martinsewell1: Thanks.  Is he a gold digger?
sandar1gus: if you have mail him with it ok
sandar1gus: no
martinsewell1: What sort of documents do you need?
martinsewell1: Is he a bank robber?
sandar1gus: no
sandar1gus: he work in a company
martinsewell1: Okay, I normally deal in stolen gold.  It's much cheaper.
martinsewell1: Will be mind buying stolen gold?  It's from the Great Train Robbery.
Posted by Martin Sewell at December 26, 2005 1:23 AM