December 25, 2005

Relieving the Boredom on Christmas Day

gentlesolid4good: hi
gentlesolid4good: are you still there
martinsewell1: I'm still waiting to give you your Christmas present.
gentlesolid4good: forget about it ok?
martinsewell1: Don't you want to know what it is?
gentlesolid4good: wht is it if i may ask?
martinsewell1: ONE MILLION US DOLLARS!
gentlesolid4good: hey
gentlesolid4good: look i am tired of all this moeny of a thing
gentlesolid4good: i don't need them ok
gentlesolid4good: forget about it ok
martinsewell1: TWO MILLION?
gentlesolid4good: no
gentlesolid4good: i don't need your money
martinsewell1: Are you rich beyond my wildest dreams then?
gentlesolid4good: nope
gentlesolid4good: i am only porr
gentlesolid4good: you call 2 million us dollar as if ou can send them
martinsewell1: So, why not accept my generous offer of ONE MILLION US DOLLARS?
gentlesolid4good: or are you puting me to test?
gentlesolid4good: wait a min
gentlesolid4good: are you serious in giving me this money or hat?
martinsewell1: Which would you prefer, the money or a Christmas hat?
gentlesolid4good: nope
gentlesolid4good: if you can send me the money no problem
gentlesolid4good: since it comes out from your heart no mproblem
martinsewell1: Are you a Jehovah's Witness?
martinsewell1: Have you been disfellowshipped?
gentlesolid4good: nope
martinsewell1: Have you ever celebrated Christmas?
gentlesolid4good: nope
gentlesolid4good: never in my life time
martinsewell1: Have you ever had a blood transfusion?
gentlesolid4good: nope 
gentlesolid4good: never in my life
martinsewell1: Have you ever had a blood transfusion whilst celebrating Christmas?
gentlesolid4good: nope
gentlesolid4good: huh!
gentlesolid4good: how many times will i tell you this
martinsewell1: So are you unable to accept my Christmas present?
gentlesolid4good: yep
martinsewell1: I am wrapping it up now.
gentlesolid4good: you must be joking ok?
martinsewell1: No, it needs wrapping.
gentlesolid4good: wht it is that you are wrapping
martinsewell1: ONE MILLION US DOLLARS soaked in blood.
gentlesolid4good: sory
martinsewell1: It's okay, you can launder the money.
gentlesolid4good: sorry
martinsewell1: Shall I come over and show you how to wash it?
gentlesolid4good: no
martinsewell1: It's easy, then we would both be rich.
gentlesolid4good: no
martinsewell1: Do you like being poor?
gentlesolid4good: yea
martinsewell1: How poor are you, on a scale of 1 to poor?
gentlesolid4good: i am rich spirirtual
gentlesolid4good: and also poor physicaly
martinsewell1: We need to find you a blood transfusion, as soon as possible.
gentlesolid4good: sorry not for me ok
martinsewell1: Your blood needs cleaning, can I send you some blood?
martinsewell1: I have six litres of human blood ready to send.  Will this be enough?
martinsewell1: Would you like to purchase a very special cleaning solution at a cost of US$100,000 to clean your blood?
gentlesolid4good: look
gentlesolid4good: can you give me your credit card
gentlesolid4good: so that i help you to make use of it to buy web hosting
gentlesolid4good: i need a web host
martinsewell1: Okay, what's your card number and expiry date?
gentlesolid4good: i said yours
martinsewell1: In order to transfer the money into your account, I need your account number.
gentlesolid4good: no
gentlesolid4good: need
martinsewell1: I wish to transfer some blood into your account.
gentlesolid4good: you have PHD right?
gentlesolid4good: in wht?
gentlesolid4good: I think you are insane
martinsewell1: I have a PhD in blood transfusion.
gentlesolid4good: I want to transfer $100,000 into your vain
gentlesolid4good: of the samtrimany
gentlesolid4good: of the saprofise
gentlesolid4good: of the instumancose
gentlesolid4good: of the mobolisation
gentlesolid4good: of your alikan head
gentlesolid4good: of your mental bolization of the astma of the instrumanicose of the mobolisation of the reaction
gentlesolid4good: coz your chemicals in your brains are insane
martinsewell1: Okay, I'm blood type O.
gentlesolid4good: i am c++754
gentlesolid4good: and also i think your blood is like vimpire
gentlesolid4good: of the mobilation
gentlesolid4good: of the samtrimany
gentlesolid4good: of the electron
gentlesolid4good: of the proton
gentlesolid4good: i think your blood is good for the dogs
gentlesolid4good: sure
gentlesolid4good: Can I trade this here job for what's behind door #1?
gentlesolid4good: When your IQ reaches 50, you should sell!
martinsewell1: A blood type is a description of an individual's characteristics of red blood cells due to substances (carbohydrates and proteins) on the cell membrane. 
martinsewell1: What do you want a Web host for?
martinsewell1: Do you want a Web site?
martinsewell1: I can host it for you.
martinsewell1: My credit card number is: 4194 1941 9419 4194  Expiry date: 01/09
Posted by Martin Sewell at December 25, 2005 10:00 PM