November 8, 2005

My Nigerian Scam

etd3000: but are u into biz
martinsewell1: I'm a 419er.
etd3000: G MAN
martinsewell1: Why not? You should try it.
etd3000: ANY JOB 4 ME
etd3000: WATH ARE U INTO
martinsewell1: Scamming innocent victims in the US out of millions of dollars!
etd3000: can u teach me
martinsewell1: I thought that was what you were doing.
etd3000: yas
martinsewell1: Well good luck!
etd3000: but am new in it
etd3000: i dont no much
martinsewell1: I'm new too, I've only made $1 MILLION in the past year.
etd3000: how much 1000000
martinsewell1: Yes, one million US dollars.
etd3000: master
etd3000: 1m is a very big
martinsewell1: But I gave it all away.
etd3000: if i get 1m i go sotp G
martinsewell1: Yes, the first million is the hardest.
etd3000: are u a master or u work 4 someone
martinsewell1: I work for myself because it is difficult to trust anyone else in this business.
etd3000: let me kowe within dey
etd3000: i be ur g
etd3000: or u kown wath make i make $
etd3000: kike u
martinsewell1: Thanks.
etd3000: like u
martinsewell1: It is bed time now, good night!
etd3000: lagos g
etd3000: i dey tell u something u dey talk of bed
etd3000: ok
etd3000: bey
martinsewell1: Night!
Posted by Martin Sewell at November 8, 2005 2:09 AM