April 12, 2005

Tory cyber squatter shock!

"My Lib Dem opponent is apparently upset that internet users get my web site when they type in markoaten.co.uk

Mr Oaten is an experienced politician and he should have bought all of his own web addresses. Hes had eight years to do it.

Didn't he know this is common practice in business? And also, it would seem, with Lib Dems who registered PlaidCymru.co.uk presumably to get one over their Welsh competition.

I think I would be failing in my duty not to try and reach out to any potential Lib Dem voters and lead them back to the path of common sense policies like locking up murderers for life - something Mark Oaten doesn't believe in.

And if they don't want to read my site all they have to do is type in the correct address and get Mark's face and not mine. It's not like I am pretending."

George Hollingbery's markoaten.co.uk

Screenshot and item thanks to Emma Posted by Martin Sewell at April 12, 2005 4:56 PM | TrackBack