January 10, 2005


A Porsche Boxter in front, accelerates hard. Never a problem, but evenly matched. At 110mph, my car starts frantically pulling to the left, my knuckles white trying to control it. I let him go.

A few days later...reverse out of drive...*grinding noise*...no transmission. A quick check reveals snapped driveshafts, after being replaced less than six months ago. The weakest link in an overpowered car.

Ergo, public transport. To Skeg. With Chrsitmas presents including a pink fairy outfit, with wings. There is a replacement bus service from Nottingham to Skeg. Total journey time: approx. 7 hours.

Homeward bound, a phonecall confirms that there are no problems. But there are. A replacement bus service from Nottingham to Long Eaton. Total journey time: approx 7 hours. Time spent in Long Eaton KFC: 2 hours. Total cost of return journey: over 50.

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