August 21, 2004

Can God Save us from Religion?

'"I was molested by my father when I was 3 and gang-raped day after day by my cousins and brothers, starting when I was 6 or 7," she told the Star Tribune before Wednesday's sentencing. Byler, 20, alleges that she was raped more than 200 times by members of the Amish family in which she grew up. "And when I'd tell my mother about it, she'd tell me that if I had prayed harder, fought harder, these things wouldn't happen.'
Amish sex scandal: An 8-year penalty for years of pain

"An 8-year-old girl who suffers from a rare digestive disorder and cannot eat wheat has had her first Holy Communion declared invalid because the wafer contained no wheat, violating Roman Catholic doctrine."
Wheat-allergic girl denied Communion

"Byrns, 61, was charged with sexually abusing an 11-year-old altar boy at St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church in the Parkville section of Brooklyn for two years beginning in the spring of 2000. He faces two charges of sexual conduct against a child and 20 counts of sexual abuse."
Brooklyn Priest Accused Of Molesting 11-Year-Old Altar Boy Posted by Martin Sewell at August 21, 2004 3:14 PM | TrackBack