April 6, 2004

Emma's Research

From: Emma Byrne
Subject: You'll think me morbid but...

I've been doing some "real" research this afternoon.

Firstly - presumably you've heard about this:

Well, I thought OsO4 is probably nothing too nasty - so I turned up this:
http://www.proscitech.com/catalogue/msds/c010 .pdf

To decipher that I turned up this:

so we're safe at 0.006mg/cu m.  So how many cu m in a tube carriage 4eg
http://tube.tfl.gov.uk/content/faq/ trains/rsb_20030516.pdf

By my reckoning 144 cu m in a victoria line carriage

So that means, to achieve a concentration of 0.012mg/cu m 1.728 mg 

Surely it must be hard to come by - being a member of the platinum type elements? (see how much I've learnt today). Apparently it's used in university albs as a fixative for samples for electron microscopy by aberdeen, bristol, oxford, glamorgan, the ich at ucl, imperial. It's also an industrial catlyst.

http://www.2spi.com/catalog/chem/osmium -tetroxide.shtml
ship to the uk - with preferential pricing for orders of 30 grammes and above. The cost is about $33 per gramme. $946.50 would buy you 30 g which, according to www.xe.com comes out at 515.27. Of course you probably need some kind of permit.....

So 515 would buy you 30000mg OsO4 which, iirc is 17,361(.111111) victoria line carriages worth.

I love the internet - it's so educational!! This is the first time I've enjoyed maths since primary school ("Osama is a despot with a grudge against the west. Osama has $20,00 dollars. OsO4 costs $33 per gramme, fertilizer costs $5 kilo...)

Yours, planning to walk home,

Emma :>
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